How Obama’s EPA Is Making Life Difficult for Clinton

Posted March 10, 2015 at 6:00am

“The biggest takeaways from the GOP-dominated Iowa Ag Summit here this weekend may be the opportunity that the Renewable Fuel Standard offers Hillary Clinton to address income inequality and the danger that the Obama administration’s dithering management of the RFS may pose to her quest for the presidency,” National Journal reports.  

“Clinton is said to have identified income inequality as the defining issue for 2016 and to be looking for ways to reduce it.”  

“Clinton wasn’t in Iowa for the summit, of course. Only Republican candidates chose to participate in the day-long event organized by Bruce Rastetter, a wealthy Iowa agribusinessman, philanthropist and Republican donor. When Rastetter interviewed the candidates, there were no surprises. All the major candidates endorsed the RFS except Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.”