GOP’s Post-Ryan Budget: Price Outlines Spending Plan (Video)

Price said the votes weren't there. So far, he's right. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Price said the votes weren't there. So far, he's right. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Posted March 16, 2015 at 3:59pm

For the past four years it’s been all about the “Ryan budget,” the House GOP’s spending blueprint informally named for then-Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan — and synonymous with the Wisconsin Republican’s fiscal austerity.  

This year, get ready for the “Price budget.” On Tuesday, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., will roll out his first budget as chairman of the committee of jurisdiction, which he’s billing as “a Balanced Budget for a Stronger America.”  

“It’s a plan to get Washington’s fiscal house in order,” Price says in a two-minute video preview of what to expect, “to promote a healthy economy, to protect our nation and save and strengthen vital programs like Medicare for today’s seniors and tomorrow’s retirees.”  

The video features House Budget Committee Republicans talking, albeit vaguely, about the forthcoming framework’s key features. The most specific policy proposals are “balancing the budget,” “repeal[ing] all of Obamacare,” and “embracing American’s entrepreneurial spirit through a fair, simpler tax code, expanded energy production and streamlining government regulations.”  

Less fleshed out are promises to “respect the principle of federalism by restoring authority to state and local leaders so they have the flexibility to serve in their communities,” and to give “our military the resources they need to combat threats.”  

As in years past, the budget won’t become law, serving more than anything else as an opportunity for the GOP to define itself — symbolically, at least, if not realistically. Other factions have a tradition of putting forward “budget alternatives” as well, including the House Democrats, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Republican Study Committee.  

But unlike in recent years, the Republicans now control both chambers of Congress. The Senate Budget Committee is poised to unveil its own budget this week, too, and GOP lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol hope that they can work together to produce one, single unified vision.  

Watch Price’s video below.  


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