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The Cost of Battling EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Inside Climate News : “Since the Obama administration announced its plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions and combat climate change last year, many states have been on the offensive. Some have sued the Environmental Protection Agency, arguing that the agency has overstepped its authority. Republican leaders in Congress have vowed to dismantle carbon emission regulations. And state legislatures have set up numerous blockades to delay the Clean Power Plan.”  

Obama's Climate Rule Under Attack
“Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA’s administrator has the authority to devise a plan if a state fails to do so. But there’s a catch.”  

“The EPA likely has authority to enforce only one, or, according to the agency, two of four [emissions reduction] building blocks … The act, as it stands now, allows the EPA to restrict emissions from plants but does not give it the authority to increase power generation from plants or order states to set up more renewable energy sources.”  

“If a state doesn’t submit a plan, or submits one that doesn’t meet the EPA’s requirements, the agency will formulate a federal plan for the state.”  

“A federal plan is going to be bad news for customers. Reducing emissions at coal plants is a lot more expensive than, say, increasing customer energy efficiency. It’s fairly certain that a federal plan will result in higher electricity prices than a state plan would.”

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