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The Dog Days of … April?

Spring break has apparently broken bad for staff trying to go about their business in the Hart building.  

Per a tipster, the prospect of putting in an honest day’s work was rudely interrupted by the discovery of some highly offensive material.  

“One of my staffers brought to my attention that there is a large pile of what appears to be either dog vomit or dog poop at the top of stairs here on the 5th floor of Hart near our office,” a Senate Democratic aide last week blasted out to those still hanging around town while the brunt of the legislative branch kicked it live across the country.  

“Whatever it is, it was obvious that absolutely no effort was made by the owner to clean up this mess,” the none-too-pleased staffer fumed on an internal listserve. “I have called the Superintendent’s office but obviously this should not be their problem.” It remains unclear if anyone’s nose was rubbed into the goop (it’s a teachable moment) or if the culprit remains at large.  

Just know that someone is wise to your antics, Mr. Poopypants.  

“I ask that you please take this opportunity to remind your staff that if they choose to bring their dogs to work, it is totally on them to deal with any results of that decision,” the self-styled hall monitor, who categorized the issue as #recessproblems (which is also used to chronicle grade school mayhem ), warned pet-toting colleagues.  

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