Bridging Civilian-Military Divide Requires Relationship Building

Posted April 7, 2015 at 5:00am

“When commentators talk about the civilian-military divide, they often mention the dwindling number of Americans who serve in uniform, the high costs of sustaining an all-volunteer force, and the myriad stories of senior military officers who act as though they are beyond civilian control,” writes Defense One , but “before the civilian-military divide can be bridged, personal doubts need to be quieted.”  

“With support from the Stanton Foundation, RAND  recently explored one modest possibility: a tabletop exercise that brought future leaders together… This exercise suggests, first, the importance of building personal relationships earlier in a career. If this is left until they are full professors, general officers or assistant secretaries of defense, it is too late; they will have less time to learn and will tend to be more certain in their views.”