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Carving Up the Early Taste of America Contenders

Our in-house dining war is just getting started. But curious trends are already emerging in Roll Call’s Taste of America competition.  

Winnowing of the first round contenders is scheduled to conclude Friday, so it’s still anybody’s ball game.  

Interesting developments so far include:  

Hottest Ticket Arizona pork chimichangas vs. Wyoming bison burgers: With more than 4,500 votes between them and just a 1,200 vote differential dividing them (at press time, chimichangas enjoyed the sizable lead), this showdown was the most compelling. Get It Together Island natives might want to shore up support for their respective cultures. When last we checked, there were only a few hundred votes cast in the match-up between Hawaiian macadamia nuts and American Samoa banana cake.  

Sea Saw As it stands now, Alaskan king crab appears to have a death grip on Southern California fish tacos. But we’ve gotta believe things could shift dramatically just as soon as the dispensaries clear out and/or the munchies hit.  

‘Wich Way Will It Go? Fans of handheld meals appear to be latching on to Maine lobster rolls over West Virginia pepperoni rolls. (The shellfish showcase was sporting a 4 to 1 advantage.)  

How Sweet It Is Garden Staters are just barely edging out New Englanders in dessert dominance, nudging New Jersey blueberry cobbler slightly ahead of Vermont cheddar apple pie.  

Delicacy Most In Need of a Constituency If ever a foodstuff could use the support of a tireless, ballot-stuffing social media bot, it’s the down-but-not-quite-out North Dakota potato crepe. (Just a few dozen fans.)  

Vote for your first-round favorites here Friday .  

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