Iran Deal Review Bill Heads to Obama for Signature

Posted May 18, 2015 at 5:10am

“The House gave overwhelming approval Thursday to create a congressional review of the potential nuclear power deal with Iran,” The Washington Post reports, “sending the bill to the White House for President Obama’s signature as he heads into the final weeks of negotiations with the Islamic state.”  

“If Obama finalizes a pact with Tehran, this legislation grants Congress 30 days to review the nuclear deal. Obama could waive sanctions against Tehran that were imposed by the executive branch but must leave in place sanctions that Congress previously drafted. If the House and the Senate disapprove of the Iran deal, including overcoming a possible presidential veto, then Obama must leave in place those congressionally mandated sanctions. Any other outcome in Congress would allow Obama to go ahead with implementing all aspects of any nuclear deal.”  

“In the end, those supporting Obama’s effort to reach a deal and those opposing it largely approved of some congressional review.”