US Army Not Geared to Fight Russia, China

Posted June 17, 2015 at 5:00am

“Today’s Army is on a dangerous path to humiliating defeat if — and quite likely, when — it takes on Russian, Chinese, or even second-tier nation-state forces equipped with modern military technology from Russia or China,” warns Douglas MacGregor .  

“Animated by visions of light troops mounted on wheels or falling out of airplanes, it is building a force for uncontested, permissive environments against weak peoples without armies, air forces, air defenses, or navies… The nation cannot afford more multi-billion dollar failures like the Comanche Attack Helicopter (RAH -66), the Crusader Artillery System, Future Combat System, and the Ground Combat Vehicle, or GCV . Nor can it afford to shrink its few armored forces and replace them with light infantry. We already have a Marine Corps. We do not need a second one.”