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Scott Brown Is Listed as AdvoCare Distributor

Brown speaks at a rally for his failed 2014 Senate bid. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Brown speaks at a rally for his failed 2014 Senate bid. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Former Sen. Scott P. Brown appears to be on his way to fattening his wallet with some supplemental income — all thanks to a drug cocktail his son-in-law, Keith Weiser, brought to his attention.  

The one-time lawmaker on June 25 signaled a career change when he blabbed about his secret weapon in the battle against bulge on social media. Brown posted before-and-after shots of his newly svelte self on Facebook and gushed about watching the pounds slide off (42 and counting) courtesy of the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge.  

When critics accused him of being a shill, the ex-pol asserted his editorial independence.

Just as an update which I put out as a comment on the original post, neither Gail nor I are paid spokesrepresentatives… Posted by Scott Brown on Thursday, June 25, 2015

“Neither Gail nor I are paid spokesrepresentatives for Advocare,” he reiterated on more than one occasion.  

Spokesman or not, the robo-response HOH received after pinging him for additional information about the surprise endorsement strongly suggests that he is actively involved in the peer-to-peer marketing program.


The canned response features a recap of his experience with the rapid weight loss routine, rhetoric aiming to legitimize the company (“What impressed me most is that Advocare is the only nutritional company that has sponsored a collegiate football Bowl Game,” Brown’s automated note reads), an offer to cut us in on exclusive discounts (20 percent to 40 percent off if we sign on as distributors) and a promotional video.  

The 97-second spot is broadcast freely on YouTube — but only after a redirect from Cook Travel, the trip-planning outfit where Weiser has drawn a paycheck since 2014.  

The former minor league baseball player, now married to singer-songwriter Ayla Brown, is credited with introducing the trimmed-down legislator to AdvoCare’s product line. Weiser does not, however, inhabit the company’s internal Rolodex.  

Brown, it turns out, is there.  


His work ID (#15016032) and personal cell phone — we called (got his voicemail) — are readily available on AdvoCare’s direct sales hub.  

Whether he’s being compensated as an official spox or not, the now-New Hampshire resident is theoretically on the company dime (assuming anyone plugs in his code when ordering their next batch of fat burners).  

Questions posed to Brown and Weiser by HOH regarding the nature of their relationship with AdvoCare received no response.  

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