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John Lewis to Resurrect Historic Look for Comic-Con

Dressing as one’s favorite fictional character is part of the allure of attending Comic-Con International. Come Saturday, Rep. John Lewis intends to get into the spirit of things by giving dedicated cosplayers a peek at what real heroes wear into battle.  

(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)
(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)

The Georgia Democrat is returning to the fantasy fest to educate attendees about “March,” a three-part series of graphic novels chronicling his decades-long fight for equality.  

Instead of donning form-fitting spandex or fetishistic leather gear, Lewis aide and “March” co-author Andrew Aydin tells HOH the 15-term lawmaker plans to recreate the outfit he wore to soldier across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in early 1965. Per Aydin, the sartorial stunt is a way of acknowledging the growing army of fans who’ve paid tribute to the civil rights icon on social media.  

(Courtesy Rana Snipe Berry)
(Courtesy Rana Snipe Berry)

“Our 8 year old loves your novels, has read them multiple times, and chose to do his 3rd grade biography project [on] you, Mr. Lewis. He even dressed like one of your photos!” Facebook user Rana Snipe Berry gushed on Lewis’ personal wall.  

History buffs will be pleased to know that Aydin has personally overseen the reconstruction of everything Lewis had on during the demonstration in Selma, Ala.  

As such, when Lewis strolls into the fantasy fest Saturday, he’ll be clad in a white shirt, dark tie, trench coat arrangement reminiscent of what he wore that fateful day. And he’ll be carrying a non-descript knapsack — tracked down, according to Aydin, at a military surplus shop in Atlanta — projected to be filled with two books, an apple, an orange, toothpaste and a toothbrush.  

Because not all origin stories involve enchanted hammers or space-age exoskeletons.  

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