2016 Presidential Contenders Could Clean Up at Comic-Con

Posted July 10, 2015 at 10:30am

Nothing against the fine people of Iowa, New Hampshire and the handful of other electoral proving grounds aspiring commanders in chief crisscross for months on end leading up to Election Day, but pols are doing themselves a serious disservice by not pressing the flesh at Comic-Con International  in San Diego.  

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Sure, pop culture can prove problematic for the socially awkward.  

But the breathtaking number of fanboy-stoking panels and geek grrl-courting exhibitions virtually guarantees even the lamest lawmaker should be able to tap into some hero-seeking constituency.  

Which is why HOH is putting out this FOMO alert to all myopic campaign managers.  

SDCC Events Worth Crashing: Hillary Rodham Clinton – Women Who Kick Ass The multi-hyphenate politician (former FLOTUS, senator and secretary of State) has made a career out of pushing boundaries and challenging gender roles. Chatting up the leading ladies of adventure/horror/science fiction ought to be infinitely more stimulating than trading barbs with your average House Republican committee chairman or shouting down conservative pundits. Plus, it couldn’t hurt to pick up the endorsement of the next Wonder Woman, or perhaps probe a time-traveling companion about the outcome of the next election.  

Sen. Ted Cruz – The Simpsons The longest running sitcom in television history will treat fans to a sneak preview of Season 27. But with only one of the renowned cast mates (Nancy Cartwright) scheduled to attend, the Texas Republican may have a chance to redeem himself for the awful impressions he performed at BuzzFeed’s request.  

Sen. Lindsey Graham – Raising Future Fans: Geeky Parents and Children Speak Out What better way for the “bro with no ho” to burnish his family-friendly credentials than by having the South Carolina Republican shoot the breeze with fantasy-obsessed parents and their highly impressionable broods?  

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal – Super Asian America Most pols love blabbing about diversity, but very few actually do anything to advance the obviously lofty goal. Jindal could help broaden his party’s base by bringing more Asian voters into the GOP tent.  

Sen. Rand Paul – Person of Interest Government surveillance. Shadow agencies. Vigilante justice.  

It’s like somebody (you there, PRISM?) has been reading the Kentucky Republican’s dream journal.  

Sen. Marco Rubio – Hip Hop Comics Connection With disgraced Rep. Trey Radel officially out of the picture, this other Florida Republican could lay claim to the congressional B-Boy crown .  

Sen. Bernard Sanders – Be A Financial Superhero Nothing screams populist hero like an hour-long discussion about fiscal prudence, community building and living the American dream.  

Rick Santorum — Christian Comics Arts Society Mixer Having to cut ties with the Duggar clan likely means the Pennsylvania Republican has room in his inner circle for roughly 21 new pals. A Christian mixer seems like as good as place as any to fill up on god-fearing friends.  

Donald Trump — The Future of Mexican Animation in the U.S. If moderator Edward James Olmos goes loco and winds up offing the bloviating real estate mogul , he’ll only theoretically validate the spotlight seeker’s outlandish stereotyping.