Reid Defends McCain, Slams Trump

By JM Rieger
Posted July 21, 2015 at 11:01pm
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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid again found himself hammering Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at his weekly news conference Tuesday, after Trump released the cellphone number of 2016 contender Sen. Lindsey Graham earlier in the day. Reid did not directly address whether the move was “befitting” of a presidential candidate, but he defended Sen. John McCain after Trump said Saturday the Arizona Republican was not a war hero. “I’m sorry that somebody has [Graham’s] cellphone number, but Trump has done a lot more than outing his cellphone number,” Reid said. “He’s done some really bad things that the Republicans are afraid to criticize. Why? Because Donald Trump is in the mainstream of most Republicans and what they’re doing and talking about. That’s why he’s leading the polls by double-digits.”