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White House Outlines Plan to Close Guantanamo

The Hill reports that the “White House’s chief counterterrorism official outlined the administration’s plan for closing the Guantánamo Bay detention facility and said the president hopes to do so before leaving office in 2017.”  

Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, “said the plan was to transport the 52 detainees deemed eligible for transfer to countries with appropriate security arrangements.  According to Monaco, those who are deemed ‘too dangerous to release’ would be subject to periodic review boards for transfer eligibility. In 10 instances, 13 review boards have already resulted in individuals being moved to the so-called ‘transfer bucket.'”  

“Under the law of war, Monaco said, those remaining after review would be transferred to U.S. military prisons or supermax security prisons, and be subjected either to prosecution in military commissions or Article III courts. Monaco did not specifically discuss plans for the 10 detainees who are being tried by military commissions at Guantánamo.”

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