Intelligence Community Calls on Private Tech Companies for Innovative Solutions

Posted August 25, 2015 at 5:00am

“The intelligence community this month quietly released an unprecedented, unclassified five-year-road map charting the future of data analysis it wants commercial start-ups like ride-sharing firm Uber to read,” according to National Journal .  

“The chart, part of a larger science and technology strategy, is aimed at encouraging unconventional makers like the car service app-developer and traditional tech contractors to help fund answers to oncoming national security problems… Powers U.S. spies need that no one is funding yet include, for example, expertise in determining the biases of social-media site moderators, geolocation in the presence of encryption, room-temperature quantum computing, and immersive virtual-world user experience.”  

“The collaboration environment is located on a top-secret system called Jwics, for Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System. It’s easy to compare this venture to a wiki, but unlike, say, Wikipedia, the spy system must be able to push out edits to relevant agencies and relevant companies in a timely fashion.”