Hill Vet Amped About Private Kenny Loggins Show

Posted September 11, 2015 at 4:33pm

Just more than a year after successfully soliciting strangers to bankroll a plan to have soft rock god Kenny Loggins perform in a certain superfan’s living room, former House aide Erick Sanchez stands poised to welcome his musical idol Sunday for a once-in-a-lifetime performance.  

Upon discovering last summer that the fabled singer-songwriter was rounding up financial support for a potential album, Sanchez — a one-time aide to Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who has since become a senior advisor at Frontier Solutions — swung into action by issuing a cyber-SOS to fellow adult contemporary fans. “I want Kenny Loggins to play my living room,” he declared in an ambitious Kickstarter campaign that, rather expeditiously, raked in the $30,000 required to book the unconventional gig.  

The show is scheduled to take place Sep. 13 at 7 p.m.  

Which means Sanchez must now make good on all the promises he made to the 50-odd guests expected to make themselves at home in his den this weekend.  

He’s tapped into a wealth of local talent — ranging from congressional baking maven Christine Martin (on the hook for “Danger Zone”-themed cupcakes) to White Apron co-founder Harold Chacon (charged with club sandwich delivery duty) — to ensure everyone is well taken care of.  

“I really love their food,” Sanchez said of his penchant for fellow sponsors Matchbox and Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats.  

Sanchez plans to pitch in as well, pledging to reproduce some of his signature guacamole. He didn’t share the entire recipe but explained that his go-to dip features salt, cumin, cayenne (“I like it a little spicy,” he noted), fresh tomatoes, red onions and, on occasion, bacon.  

“If you ask my friends that have had it, they will tell you that I’m prepared when it’s guac o’clock,” he quipped.  

Anticipated attendees include other congressional alums as well as current staff, but no sitting members of Congress. “My old boss Tim Ryan was going to try and make it, but unfortunately he’s now got an event back in his district,” Sanchez shared.  

As for the event itself, Sanchez declined to lay out his dream set list.  

But he is seriously jazzed about being front and center for what sounds like a world exclusive.  

“I’m extremely excited to hear a very special acoustic version of ‘Danger Zone’ with this country singer Jessy Lynn Martens who played the voice of Cherlene on ‘Archer.’ She and Kenny recorded the song in the studio for the show, but they’ve never performed it together live,” Sanchez explained. “It sounds fantastic.”  

Once the show wraps, Sanchez expects to retreat back into relative obscurity.  

Except for the fundraising he’s doing to help ‘Top Chef” alumna and “The Chew” host Carla Hall open a hot chicken-themed restaurant in New York City. And the planning of a prospective comedy tour funnyman and pal Sinbad asked for assistance with.  

Not to mention those spontaneous acts of civic engagement he spearheads from time to time.  

“Over the summer, I started the Change.org petition asking Chef José Andrés to abandon his plans to open a restaurant at the Trump Hotel,” Sanchez noted. “That was really awesome, from start to finish.”  


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