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The Unbearable Likeness of Pete Olson?

House staffers marveled at the unbearable likeness of beings that paraded across their TV screens as Rep. Pete Olson took to the floor Thursday to rail against the administration’s proposed nuclear agreement with Iran.  


Amid the pre-gaming for the GOP’s bicameral effort to stymie President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, the Texas Republican unveiled a visual aide that caused some mischievous folks to do a double take. Olson reminded colleagues about the evil men often intend to do by bringing up would-be terrorist Manssor Arbabsiar, the Iranian-American citizen convicted in 2013 of attempting to liquidate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. — and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the surrounding area — by blowing up Café Milano in Georgetown.  

Aides were transfixed by the striking similarities staring the entire public affairs-verse right in the face.  


“[That time] Rep. Pete Olson made a floor poster of an Iranian terrorist who bears more than a passing resemblance of Rep. Pete Olson,” a tipster shared with HOH.  

Not convinced?  

Judge for yourselves:  

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