Ginning Up One Last Brush With John Boehner

Posted September 25, 2015 at 1:10pm

Those worried about not getting to huddle with Speaker John A. Boehner before he officially steps down at the end of October might want to begin staking out some of the local eateries he’s historically frequented in order to orchestrate an “impromptu” farewell.  

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Ohio Republican famously grew up working in his family’s bar, Andy’s Café in Cincinnati.  

Being raised within the hospitality industry undoubtedly helped him better appreciate exactly how hard it is to cater to varied appetites — invaluable training for anyone later tasked with corralling disparate caucus members.  

Good thing he always kept his strength up.  

Whether stopping in for a quick bite on his way to work or escaping the insanity of a colleague’s tumultuous ousting, Boehner gets around when it comes to eating out.

  • Carmine’s: How does the man responsible for one of the largest professional networks in town — per LegiStorm, nearly 300 staffers have cycled through BoehnerLand in some capacity or another — reward his fiercely loyal followers? With giant meatballs and veal parm, of course.
  • Guapo’s: Whenever the mood strikes to “guac” on the wild side, it appears Boehner has his security detail whisk him across the river for some Tex-Mex therapy. Local news reports suggest Boehner has been making a run for the Shirlington, Va., border for years now (sorry, Tortilla Coast).
  • Medium Rare: Eating on the run is no fun for anyone. But Boehner seems to take it all in stride. At least that’s how Medium Rare founder Mark Bucher sees it, noting the GOP leader once had to scurry out of the Barracks Row steak joint to make it back to the chamber for votes.
  • The Monocle: Everyone who’s anyone on Capitol Hill has passed through these fabled doors, and renowned hobnobber Boehner is no exception.
  • Pete’s Diner: Boehner shared his go-to breakfast spot with the world via a day-in-the-life video produced by his office, and dined there on the morning of his announcement.

  • Ted’s Bulletin: The high-end yin to Pete’s everyday yang, Ted’s standing in the D.C. dining-verse was enhanced by having a certain neighborhood resident add it to his regular rotation.
  • Trattoria Alberto: While still struggling to process the full extent of then second-in-command Eric Cantor’s rather spectacular career implosion, Boehner turned to this Capitol Hill mainstay for refuge. (Carboloading makes us feel better too, sir.)

No word (yet) on when or where any retirement parties will take place.

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