Paris Climate Talks to Slow Energy Emissions?

Posted October 23, 2015 at 6:15am

The Guardian (UK) reports that “pledges on greenhouse gas emissions made by governments ahead of landmark climate talks this December will result in a rapid and dramatic slowdown in the growth of carbon from the energy sector – but will not reverse that growth within the next 15 years, the world’s energy watchdog said on Wednesday.”  

“The International Energy Agency (IEA), regarded as the gold standard on energy data, found that the pledges would result in an increase of 3.7 gigatonnes (Gt) of carbon dioxide from 2014 to 2030, which is only one-third of the increase in energy emissions seen in the last 15 years.”  

“Gas use will rise, while coal and oil decline, the agency predicts. By 2030, the annual growth in energy-related emissions worldwide will slow to just 0.5% a year, in its forecast, if the pledges are followed through, leaving total energy emissions at 42Gt in 2030.”