Texas Grid Said to be OK for Winter

Posted November 3, 2015 at 6:21am

Fuel Fix reports that “Texas’ electric grid is expected to hold up even better than initially expected in the upcoming, rainier-than-usual winter months , according to the agency that manages nearly 90 percent of the state’s grid.”  

“The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is projecting to have more power capacity in reserve than originally anticipated thanks to more wind power coming online and a the return of seasonally mothballed power plants, ERCOT said Monday in its final Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy.”  

“With more than 79,300 megawatts of generation resources available, ERCOT expects to have sufficient electricity for the anticipated peak demand of 57,400 MW this winter. One megawatt of demand is typically enough to power about 500 homes during mild weather conditions and about 200 homes during winter peak demand.”