U.S. Army Europe Wants Aviation Reinforcements

Posted December 3, 2015 at 6:30am

National Defense Magazine reports that “the downsizing of Army aviation in Europe has gone too far, said a senior commander. As a result of an Army-wide restructuring of aviation units, the brigade that supports the European theater has seen its ranks shrink from seven down to just two battalions.”  

“’This has created an aviation deficit in Europe,’ said Col. Christopher W. Waters, commander of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, based in Germany.”  

“The Army has sought to make up for reductions in European-based forces by sending U.S.-based units there for nine-month rotations. But the size of current rotational forces in Europe today is not enough to keep up with growing demands for NATO training and deployments across a large continent of 51 countries, Waters said Dec. 1 during a meeting with reporters.”