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Take Five: Rep. Robert Aderholt

Aderholt was in the band. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Aderholt was in the band. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s time again for Take Five, when HOH talks with a member of Congress about topics relatively unrelated to legislative work.  

This week, Rep. Robert B. Aderholt, R-Ala., talks about the University of Alabama’s most recent NCAA football national championship and the Yellowhammer State’s favorite cuisine: barbecue. Q : How many [recent] national championships have come from Alabama football teams?  

A : Alabama itself, because you include University of Auburn on there, has actually won five of the last seven national championships and of course, University of Alabama has won four of those. I think we’ve got, as far as championships, I think we’ve got four different footballs in the office commemorating wins. I expect we will be adding another one soon for the latest Alabama championship.  

(Editor’s note: University of Alabama won the national title for 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015, this year’s season. Auburn won in 2010.)
Q : Have you always been a football fan?  

A : As you know, Alabama football is big in Alabama, especially college football. In Alabama, everybody chooses sides between Alabama and Auburn. Of course, being in politics, you try to be careful if you’re either an Alabama or Auburn fan because if you’re an Alabama fan, you don’t want to alienate your Auburn fans out there and visa versa. And oddly enough, my wife, and I will say my kids, are Auburn fans. Even though I grew up an Alabama fan and of course represent part of Tuscaloosa and actually [Alabama Head Coach] Nick Saban is one of my constituents.  

Q : Are you a football player yourself or did you play any sports growing up?  

A : I was actually in the band, so I’m not a football player. I played the trumpet.  

Q : What do you do on your down time?  

A : You know, I’m not a big movie-watcher. I watch the news and things like that on my down time but I would probably rather be reading or going over something, writing. That’s usually what I enjoy doing on my down time. I’m not much of a movie buff.  

Q : What do you miss the most about Alabama when you’re in D.C.?  

A : Probably the food; the culture is different and, of course, the food. Both of those together would probably be the combination. Southern culture is hard to beat and the food is definitely hard to beat. I’m at a barbecue restaurant right now; barbecue has got to be one of my favorites and I have not been able to find any place in Washington, D.C., or the surrounding area that can compare to the barbecue. There are a few places that try and they get close but they’re just not quite there.

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