Club for Growth Goes on Air Ahead Of Ohio, North Carolina Primaries

Ellmers was one of the founders of Project GROW. (File Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Ellmers was one of the founders of Project GROW. (File Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Posted February 9, 2016 at 12:01am

The conservative Club for Growth’s political action committee will begin running new ads Tuesday aiming to help candidates in the North Carolina and Ohio Republican primaries.  

While an ad in North Carolina  will try to tear down Rep. Renee Ellmers to boost the Club’s endorsed candidate, the group’s ad in Ohio  will try to build up Warren Davidson in the 15-way race for the seat Rep. John A. Boehner held before he resigned in October, a spokesman for the group said.  The ad buy is the group’s first this cycle in both states. The Club will spend $400,000 in each state for cable, broadcast and online spots for two weeks, a Republican with knowledge of the buys told Roll Call.  

Both states will hold primary elections on March 15  on the same ballot as the presidential contenders – which some have suggested could give a boost to conservative challengers.  

In North Carolina, the Club for Growth is supporting Jim Duncan, a local businessman, over Ellmers, a three-term lawmaker with a 61 percent rating from the group. David McIntosh, the Club’s president, said Duncan is a “real constitutional conservative.”  

Already in Ohio, one of Davidson’s opponents, state Rep. Tim Derickson, has begun his his own ad  campaign. A spot his campaign released Monday featured him shoveling cow manure and yelling a jab at Washington to the camera: “I’m fed up with their bull (bleep).”