Trump and Elvis, Together at Last

Elvis. Trump. Vegas. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)
Elvis. Trump. Vegas. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)
Jason Dick
Posted February 22, 2016 at 9:19pm

LAS VEGAS — He can see a future where the skies of Las Vegas are filled with Flying Trumps parachuting out of airplanes (a la The Flying Elvi), but Robert S. Ensler wants to make sure everyone knows who the “organic” Donald Trump impersonator is.  

“Well, I could get all the caricatures out there and we could do something, but I’m the only Trump impersonator that recreates the organic Donald Trump,” Ensler said, citing what he says is his naturally treated orange hair (no wig!) and tailored suit and too-long red power tie. Ensler was on hand for the Trump rally here at the South Point Hotel and Casino’s equestrian arena, posing with fans, some of whom genuinely thought he was the GOP presidential front-runner.  

“Just like when I recreate my Dean Martin, I don’t do drunk Dean, and I don’t do it intoxicated. I do it, if you watch Donald, that’s what I do. I do comedy,” Ensler said. Acknowledging the thin line between caricature and comedy, he said, “If you want a ‘Saturday Night Live’ Donald Trump, that does caricatures, I don’t do that. I just recently watched Donald on his ‘Saturday Night Live’ show, and, I’ll go as far as that.”  

As if to illustrate the point, an Elvis impersonator in back of Ensler posed with fingers in six-shooter mode at his rival for the hearts and minds of impersonator aficionados everywhere.  

Vegas might have a new attraction.  

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