US, South Korea Hold Military Exercise

Posted March 14, 2016 at 8:53am

Fox News  reports that “the U.S. and South Korea conducted a big military exercise Saturday, storming a simulated North Korean beach defense as tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise and Kim Jong Un threatens to wipe out his enemies.”  

“The amphibious landing drills on South Korea’s east coast are part of eight weeks of exercises with the U.S., which the South has said are the largest ever. North Korea responded to the drills calling the exercises ‘nuclear war moves’ and threatened to respond with attacks, according to Reuters.”  

“Tensions between the North and South raged on this week as Seoul announced more sanctions on Pyongyang, which the North responded by firing short-range ballistic missiles into the sea as a show of defiance and vowing to “liquidate” all remaining South Korea assets at a former joint factory park.”