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U.S. Takes New Look at Iceland Base

The Christian Science Monitor reports that “when the United States closed the Keflavik Naval Air Station in Iceland in 2006, military analysts in both nations were stunned.”  

“While a menacing Russian agenda – the genesis of the base in 1951 – seemed remote in the aftermath of the cold war, Iceland was still viewed as a gem of a monitoring post.”  

“Now, the US is giving its strategic value a fresh appraisal.”  

“Last month, the Pentagon allocated $21.4 million in its 2017 fiscal budget to renew hanger facilities and restore infrastructure at the base. The planned upgrades will pave the way for basing P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance planes there. The submarine-hunting P-8s will help patrol the North Atlantic – and serve as a counterbalance to Russia’s growing military presence in the region.”

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