Orlando Tragedy Doesn’t Quell Twitter Hate

Ideologues unmoved by Orlando shooting

Posted June 13, 2016 at 2:33pm

The mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has stirred gun-control advocates to action, prompting politicos to revisit proposals intended to make some weapons inaccessible for future attacks.  

As news continues to trickle in about what may have motivated 29-year-old gunman Omar Mateen, a self-described supporter of the Islamic State, to lash out at the LGBT community, some elected officials are fine-tuning their views on gun control.  

[Gun Bill Planned in Wake of Orlando Club Shooting

] While many cite public outcry as proof that now is the time to reconsider the right to bear arms, a chorus of detractors took to social media to promote opposing views on just about everything.  

[Republicans and Democrats Diverge After Orlando Attack]
The unbridled anger was directed at:

The LGBT community

President Barack Obama

Government regulations

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

Moments of silence

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