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Anti-Clintonites Invade #ImWithHerNow

Haters have fun with updated rallying cry

The Twitterverse stormed right into an attempted addendum to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech, clouding the #ImWithHerNow trend with insults and ire.  

Clinton, who Thursday became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party , has utilized the “I’m With Her” mantra throughout her campaign.

The “Now” that’s since been introduced into the conversation is reflective of the unification push that played out over the past week in Philadelphia as Democrats hustled to bring disgruntled supporters of runner-up Sen. Bernie Sanders back into the fold.  

Not everyone is ready to move on.  

Some self-styled revolutionaries are urging Bernie Bros to rage on.

Armchair pundits are cranking out opposition research.

Meme makers are having a field day conjuring catchy slogans.

Fictitious lawmakers are working to score political points.

Conspiracy theorists are crying out about totalitarian rule.

Skeptics refuse to budge an inch.

Whether the rebranding effort sways fence-sitters come November remains to be seen.  

For now, one hypothetical convert appears willing to explore all possible options.

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