Three Quarters Of American Public Trust Military To Act In The Public Interest

Posted October 19, 2016 at 5:47am

The Daily Caller reports that “most Americans trust the U.S. military to act in the public interest, a feeling that emphatically does not extend to other sectors of American life, such as the media or politicians, a new study finds.”

“The amount of support for the military is broken down into two categories: ‘great deal’ and ‘fair amount’ of confidence in the military in a new study by Pew Research Center. About 33 percent of Americans place themselves in this first category, while 46 percent adhere to the second, which totals 79 percent, a sizable majority. This figure is consistent with a Pew survey from 2013, which found that 78 percent of Americans believe the military contributes ‘a lot’ to society, though that figure had declined from 84 percent just four years prior to 2013.”

“This manifest trust in the military even holds across political lines: 88 percent of Republicans, and those leaning to the right, have a fair amount of confidence in the military, compared to 73 percent of Democrats and those leaning to the left.”