Hello, This is Ben, Your Uber Driver

Sen. Sasse spends Saturday carrying people around Nebraska

(Courtesy Adrian Silva's Twitter account).
(Courtesy Adrian Silva's Twitter account).
Posted November 14, 2016 at 12:09pm

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse won recess over the weekend.

While others were recovering from or celebrating the election, taking trips or meeting their grandchildren, Sasse spent two hours on Saturday, before the University of Nebraska football game, driving people around Nebraska for charity.

Here’s something he learned from his time behind the wheel.

A University of Nebraska student who got a ride from the senator tweeted a screenshot of the Uber app with his driver, Benjamin. Looks like Sasse was driving a GMC Acadia.

The Twitterverse had many questions for Sasse, mostly wondering why he moonlighted as a driver for the popular ride-hailing service.

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Sasse responded to one person, “I like to work alongside and for Nebraskans. I drove Uber yesterday. (For charity — I’m [obviously] not allowed to make any outside money).”

Uber said Sasse’s account was set so he would receive no earnings from passengers. Uber will donate the fares to charity.

He even got an offer for more work.