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Trump and Snoop Dogg Have a History

President’s early morning tweet latest wrinkle in their relationship

Donald Trump and rapper Snoop Dogg in happier times. (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images file photo)
Donald Trump and rapper Snoop Dogg in happier times. (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images file photo)

President Donald Trump responded to “failing” rapper Snoop Dogg’s new video showing him pointing a gun at a clown version of the president, asking what would have happened if he had done the same with former President Barack Obama.

The cartoonish video for the song “Lavender” shows the rapper pointing a gun at a clown called Ronald Klump who looks like an exaggeration of the president before a flag comes out of the barrell with “BANG” on it.


The Long Beach, Calif., rapper was an open supporter of Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.


Before then, Snoop and Trump had an amicable, if playfully teasing, relationship.


Snoop showed up on a 2007 episode “The Apprentice” where contestants organized an automobile-themed VIP event and the winners got to rap with him.


In 2011, shortly after Trump had flirted with the idea of challenging Obama in 2012, Snoop showed up at Trump’s Comedy Central roast and joked about him running for president.


“Why not? Wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out of their home,” Snoop joked at the time, alluding to Trump’s history of legal troubles for discriminating against African-American tenants.


But after Trump was elected, Snoop said on Instagram he would “roast the f—” out of any black performers who performed for Trump’s inauguration, calling anyone who did an “Uncle Tom.”


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