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Okay, been focusing on quite a few things, but we just pushed out a fairly large update, and we’ve got some news as well. But first, the updates from today and the past two weeks:

  • Full Access to transcripts. We’ve been asked about this repeatedly. Now, you can browser through everything Trump has said that we have in the system in a handy timeline here: In addition, it surfaces some of the behind-the-scenes analytics, like emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, keywords, entities and more. Just click on an item to see a detailed breakout. (for example:
  • White House Schedule. A simple little doodad. It lists the President’s Schedule (public schedule), broken out as appointments. As analysis comes in, it is linked into the schedule. It’s also available in JSON, CSV, and of course iCal format, as well as in a public Google calendar.
  • iOS App. This grew out of the consolidated White House feed we did, so everyone can monitor all the White House’s social feeds, website and email list to the press in one spot. We were asked for realtime alerts. Then we thought about an app. Then I said “Hey, how hard can it be to learn to code an iOS app?” Seven days laters, with about four hours of sleep total and three cases of Diet Coke, the keyword-friendly-named “Trump White House Consolidated News Release Feed” app was born. A whopping $0.99, which after using for a year, means we lose money on the push alert costs. But it needed to be done.

Whew, that’s quite a bit for an update. One more piece of news…

Open Data Access. After a fair amount of discussion, we’ve decided to pursue freely distributing the entire Trump dataset via APIs. This will provide data access to:

  • Complete Transcript Library (3MM+ words) + Meta Data
  • The live Trump Twitter Archive
  • The complete screenshot library of his @realdonaldtrump feed
  • Financial records in data form and mapped to company holdings
  • H1B Filings
  • Court Records

We’ve already started doing that with our live feeds and calendars. Anyone who wants to data mine or come up with new ways of using the data will be free to do so.

We need to get the infrastructure in place, and that may take a couple of weeks, but we’ll have managed public APIs that let you get some, or all, of the data for public use, on the condition the work product is shared publicly as well.

The live White House feed is available freely now as:

The President’s Schedule is available similarly as:

That’s enough of an update for today. Onward.

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