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NRCC Touts Health Care Vote as ‘Promise Kept’ in New Digital Ad

Republicans contrast their plan with 2010 health care law

Screenshot of NRCC ad.
Screenshot of NRCC ad.

The day after House Republicans narrowly passed their health care plan, the party’s campaign committee is out with a new digital ad called “Promise Made, Promise Kept.”

The 50-second spot from the National Republican Congressional Committee, obtained first by Roll Call, begins with upbeat music touting the GOP plan as having more options and being more affordable.

But it suddenly takes a darker turn when words on the screen reveal the Democrats’ plan as “the status quo.”

“Obamacare is collapsing,” flashes on the screen, followed by headlines about insurance companies pulling out of exchanges. 

“And not a single Democrat will do anything about it,” text on the screen reads, followed by a grainy image of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the words, “It’s time to look out for the American people.”

The NRCC did not say how much money is behind the ad or where it’s running. 

“Obamacare is an unsustainable disaster and the House took a giant leap in the repeal of this failed law,” NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman said in a statement. “For years, Democrats stood idly by and unapologetically supported this broken system. We’re proud that the era of Obamacare is finally coming to an end.”

The House passed Republicans’ health care bill, 217-213, on Thursday. Twenty Republicans, many of whom are facing tough re-elections next year, voted against the bill. The NRCC has said that all members, regardless of how they voted, will have their support in 2018.

“We constantly tell our candidates and members that, above all, they need to listen to and fit the districts they represent,” Gorman said in a memo after Thursday’s vote. 

Democrats immediately seized on Thursday’s vote, launching digital ads attacking even GOP members who voted against the bill. 

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