Male Rompers Allowed in the Capitol? Sen. Young Hopes So

Indiana Republicans banter on twitter

Men in Romphims. (Courtesy of Twitter/@SenToddYoung)
Men in Romphims. (Courtesy of Twitter/@SenToddYoung)
Posted July 13, 2017 at 6:01pm

Romphims could be coming to the Capitol … maybe.

Just when you thought the Hill was old-guard, two lawmakers show they at least know what a “Romphim” is.

Much like a romper, a popular women’s article of clothing, the Romphim has been an internet phenomenon and is apparently vying for Congress. (The male version is also sometimes referred to as a Bromper = Bro + Romper.)

Indiana Republican Sen. Todd Young’s response to Speaker Paul D. Ryansaying he was working on updating the Capitol’s dress code was to tweet at fellow GOP Hoosier, Rep. Jim Banks, about the male outfit.

Banks responded a simple gif of Vice President Mike Pence shaking his head.