Pelosi’s new nickname and we’re still talking about the Saints game: Congressional Hits and Misses

By Thomas McKinless
Posted January 25, 2019 at 7:18pm
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“I hope it doesn’t seem out of place with the shutdown,” Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said on the Senate floor before launching into a complaint about the no infamous no-call that occurred Sunday during the Saints-Rams game. “It’s gonna take me awhile to get over that,” Rep. Steve Scalise, also of Louisiana, said in reference to the same no-call. As the Louisiana delegation gripes over football, the partial government shutdown appears headed for the finish line on its 35th day. See the video for this week’s continued back-and-forth, including some typically folksy aphorisms from Sen. John Kennedy and President Donald Trump’s new nickname for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Thumbnail photo by Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call