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Stoney’s turns up as former Hill staffer Luke Stone makes ‘Bachelorette’ debut

Stone, who was once a staff assistant for Rep. Brad Sherman, overcomes cringeworthy first impression

Former Hill staffer Luke Stone’s “Bachelorette” appearance stopped some Stoney’s patrons in mid-bite. (Kathryn Lyons/CQ Roll Call)
Former Hill staffer Luke Stone’s “Bachelorette” appearance stopped some Stoney’s patrons in mid-bite. (Kathryn Lyons/CQ Roll Call)

D.C.’s own Luke Stone cleaned up last night on “The Bachelorette” and scored himself another shot on his quest for Hannah B’s love.

As you can see from “chicken wing guy” in the above photo, he had viewers uncertain of his fate up until about the last 10 minutes of the season premiere.

The former staff assistant for Rep. Brad Sherman seemed to redeem himself after a cringeworthy first impression, and although he didn’t sweep the bachelorette off her feet swiftly enough to earn a “first impression” rose, he secured a spot as viably “eligible” in the bachelorette’s eyes.

We didn’t see a whole lot of laid-back Luke in last night’s opener, but that’s cool — we’re all about a low profile. After all, it’s not a bad thing that he didn’t make the kind of headlines that “lying slime ball with a girlfriend as of Monday” Scott made.

We’re unclear on how far Luke makes it this season, but we don’t see much of him (or his windowpane plaid) after dissecting this Season 15 preview. We can confirm that he appears very, very angry to the point of using a couple expletives (!)

Stoney’s hosted a watch party for its former employee Monday night, which drew the kind of crowd you’d see out on a Friday night. At one point I feared that Howie, who was behind the bar serving an aggressive amount of sparkling rosé for a Monday, was going to combust trying to keep up with the demand.

The bar on P Street extended its happy hour and added specials to the viewing party drink menu. They’re planning on another rendezvous next Monday when “Luke S.” makes his second appearance.

(Kathryn Lyons/CQ Roll Call)
Stoney’s plans another viewing party for Stone’s next “Bachelorette” appearance next Monday. (Kathryn Lyons/CQ Roll Call)

We reached out to Sherman’s office to get the congressman’s analysis on Luke’s performance, but have yet to hear back — not surprisingly. We’ll be monitoring our inbox closely.

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