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Brody Mullins

The Latest From Brody Mullins

Ney Linked to Abramoff Deal

Koch’s K Street Orbit

Scanlon Subpoenaed

Studios Take Hit in Tax Bill

Big Business Spends Big

Livingston, McAuliffe Face Suits by Investors

Airlines Put the Skids on Lobbying

Philip Morris Moving Left? 

Unlucky Roll of the Dice

Lobbyists Puzzle Over Lame-Duck Plans

Big-Firm Lobby Revenues Fall

Is Fox Funding the Kerry Campaign? You Decide

Low NY Profile For Tobacco Cos.

Freddie Revamps Lobby Efforts

GOP Faces Show Up in Unlikely Places

Hot Parties Rarer in Post-BCRA Era

Firms Cut Convention Funding

GOP Senators Pan Glickman Hire

Cutting Ties

Big Donation Aside, GOP 527s Lag

Some Groups Hedge on Lobbying Hires

Doctors to Run Ads

Watchdogs Rebuff GOP Call

MPAA Taps Glickman to Succeed Valenti

GOP Criticizes Insurance Shift

Bush ’04 Squeezes GOP 527s

Who’s Watching the Watchdog?

Insurers’ Dinner Backfires

NAM Hires Ex-Gov. Engler as CEO

Health Insurers Reborn

Another Mouth to Feed

Capitol’s Most Exclusive Ticket

DeLay Brother Lobbies Again

Abramoff Closes School

Calm After the Storm