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Louis Jacobson

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Bloomberg, Allies Should Focus on Congress

Get Your Scandal Sheet Here!

Ohio River: Not Ground Zero, but Still a Battleground

Bush, Like Clinton, Presiding Over the Decline of His Party

Political Hurricanes Continue to Strike in Ever-Pivotal Florida

Can’t Tell the Off-Year Election Day Players Without a Scorecard

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Volatility is the Order of the Day for 2006 Governors’ Elections

GOP Governors Thrive in Northeast, Despite Regional Trendlines

In Small States, Close Ties Often Trump Bitter Partisanship

Senate, Gubernatorial Races: Intertwined Only Some of the Time

‘The Body’ Slam: Will Schwarzenegger Be Undone Like Ventura?

Redistricting Reform May Be on the March in Three Big States

Anti-tax Conservatives And Business Interests Increasingly At Odds

In Ohio, Hackett Loses, but Finds a Sweet Spot in Campaign History

Up in the Air, Again

Sleepy Gubernatorial Cycle Is Beginning to Wake Up With a Start

Some Political Streaks Will Be on the Line This Election Cycle

Politicians Who Are Downwardly Mobile, By Choice or Not

House Members Who Run for Governor: A Good Career Move?

Say What You Want

New Organization to Push Liberal Measures In State Legislatures

In the South, Partisan Voting Gets Stronger

Dino Rossi: Sore Loser Or Brilliant Tactician? History Will Judge

Fortunes of Governors Continually Shifting in Advance of Elections

Ten Bills That Really Mattered

Democrats, in Fits and Starts, Showcase Governors

State Pols Fight Congress on Funding, Mandates

Heading Into 2006, Most Governors Seem Strong

Their Electoral Success Defies Logic

Rough Road Ahead for Budget Chair Nussle

Partisanship on the Hill Takes a Breather at Inauguration

Volume of Ads Decisive in Supreme Court Races

Initiative Results Hearten Liberals, Conservatives

Is the Red-Blue Divide Growing or Narrowing?