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Movie Sparks Pink Revolution in Canine Fashions

Accessorizing isn’t just a fashion must for the high-powered Capitol Hill set. Now, thanks to Doolittle’s pet store and the movie “Legally Blonde 2: Red White & Blonde,” even your dog can have matching beret and collar.

Doolittle’s was recently selected as an official distributor for the movie’s canine collection and currently stocks two new lines: “Patriotic” and “Super Fun, Super Cute Pink.” Direct from the set, these items are replicas of the outfits the famed Chihuahua, Bruiser Woods, sported throughout his grueling work in the nation’s capital.

While the store, 224 Seventh St. SE, offers a collection of collars, treats, toys, rain jackets, life vests, and welcome mats stating, “Our dog’s not a biter — he’s a humper,” the new red, white, and blue and pink displays catch the eyes of most shoppers.

“Our best seller is definitely the pink beret,” said store co-founder Dennis Bourgault. “We’ve even been shipping it off of our Web site,, to Alaska.”

No word as of yet if a faux fur version will be released.

The lines offer more than mere pink berets. Uncle Sam-style patriotic top hats, plush toy hearts designed with LB*2, and a variety of bandanas to adorn any dog’s neck lead the line.

But not every pup can get its paws on the items.

“We have collars and leads for all size dogs, featuring sayings like ‘Super Fun, Super Cute,’” said Bourgault, “but the berets are just for the little ones.”

Lab lovers need not fear, as Doolittle’s also offers an array of toys suitable for all sizes, if not all political affiliations. The boutique market’s chew toys made in the likeness of the Clintons, her sporting an “I Love NY” shirt, him with a pocketful of cigars.

“Our best sellers are President Bush and [Osama] bin Laden,” said Bourgault as he displayed the six-inch bust of a man in a turban wielding a machine gun. “Saddam [Hussein] is on the way — we expect him to be huge.”

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