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Democrats Bring Back Boston Tea Party

Taking a thematic cue from the location of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is pushing for a political revolution with 11 months worth of party fundraisers dubbed “Boston Tea Parties.”

Pelosi will kick off the first of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee events in Washington, D.C., in January, to be followed by similar, smaller fundraisers in House districts throughout the country. Organizers hope the parties will generate excitement for the July presidential nominating convention in Boston, and for Democratic candidates for House, Senate and president.

“The goal of these is to generate grassroots activism and enthusiasm for throwing King George II out of the White House and making [Pelosi] the first woman Speaker and making [Senate Minority Leader] Tom Daschle [D-S.D.] the Majority Leader of the Senate,” said Kori Bernards, spokeswoman for the DCCC.

Bernards said Pelosi wants the fundraisers to serve as a metaphor for 1773’s original Boston Tea Party. She said Americans are tired of the Republican-led Congress and Bush administration and want a change, just as the colonists did when they dumped British tea into Boston Harbor more than two centuries ago to protest the unfair taxation under then-King George III.

“Like them, Democrats are tired of King George II’s policies favoring the wealthiest few over ordinary Americans,” Bernards said.

Details are still being worked out, but the small-dollar events to encourage large Democratic crowds will likely feature favors such as tea bags. The fundraisers will lead up to the four-day convention, which begins July 26, and continue through the Nov. 2 elections.

Pelosi, the House Democrats’ chief fundraiser, will not personally attend every event, but she likely will participate through a video or letter. The Minority Leader is also asking House Democrats to help organize and headline the parties and will provide them with special Boston Tea Party packets.

“Sons and daughters of liberty will gather next year in Boston to nominate the next president of the United States,” Pelosi said. “The Boston Tea Parties we will hold over the next year will spark the revolution we will see next November by involving Americans across the country at the grassroots level.”

Bernards said the DCCC doesn’t have a fundraising target for the tea parties, nor does it know how many events it will throw across the country.

“The goal is to have as many Boston Tea Parties in as many districts as we can to plant the seeds of revolution,” Bernards said.

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