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Giuliani Slide Continues While Huckabee Gains

See the full ABC News/Washington Post poll

Yet another poll provides evidence that Mike Huckabee is closing in fast on Rudy Giuliani for the frontrunner position in the GOP presidential contest. Giuliani is still in the lead in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, but his margin is now 25 percent to Huckabee’s 19 percent – his lowest national lead since the campaign began. Huckabee gained nine points in this poll. And Giuliani’s support appears soft – 28 percent back him “strongly,” down from 45 percent in November. Mitt Romney ranked third at 17 percent, with Fred Thompson at 14 percent and John McCain at 12 percent.

A Rasmussen Reports poll earlier Tuesday showed Huckabee in a statistical dead heat nationally with Giuliani, mirroring the results of a CNN/Opinion Research survey released a day earlier.

The Democratic race has changed little with Hillary Clinton now enjoying the support of 53 percent of likely Democratic voters to 23 percent for Barack Obama. John Edwards follows with 10 percent. All the others were in low single digits