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Campus Notebook: Justice for Sims

A court date of Oct. 10 was set in a traffic case in which Capitol Police officer Aidan Sims was left with critical injuries.

[IMGCAP(1)]Massimo Mazziotti, 18, of Glenn Dale, Md., faces charges of failure to remain at the scene of an accident, failure to assist an injured person and failure to notify the nearest police department, after hitting Sims with his vehicle on the night of June 21, according to the District Court for Prince George’s County.

Mazziotti, who lives in Sims’ neighborhood, was cited with the violations the night of the accident.

Sims remains in critical condition at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Md.

Open Hostility. Not many people would openly threaten a police officer, but last week one Capitol Police officer got a face-to-face death threat.

On Friday, an officer noticed Seth Pradier, 28, yelling at visitors and staffers in the walkway of the Library of Congress’ Madison Building, according to a police report.

At one point, he said he “wanted to kill someone.”

The officer “asked him who he wanted to kill and the Defendant responded, ‘You guys!’” according to the summary report. Asked whether he had a weapon, he willingly showed a knife in his waist band.

Not surprisingly, Pradier was hauled off to jail and charged with “threat to injure,” a felony.

CAO Shuffle. Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard has appointed two new deputy CAOs: Ali Qureshi and Walt Edwards.

It’s one of several recent staff shuffles at the office of the CAO, which oversees everything from the House cafeterias to child care.

Former Deputy CAO Dan Doody left the office at the end of June, while Deputy CAO Helene Flanagan was recently reassigned to organizing the transition of Members for the 111th Congress.

Qureshi replaces Doody, who acted as the No. 2 and helped with the budget and operations. Edwards replaces Flanagan.

“These two men truly embody what this organization stands for,” Beard said in a statement. “They both understand that quality customer service is paramount and they have a ‘can do’ mentality that I prize in my senior managers.”

Qureshi is moving up from his former position as director of CAO advanced business solutions. Edwards was assistant CAO for assets, furnishing and logistics.

Both have worked with the CAO for years, and were temporarily assigned their new positions weeks ago, before Beard made the move permanent.

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