Texas: Skelly Promotes Energy Alternatives in New Ad

Posted July 29, 2008 at 6:46pm

Businessman Michael Skelly (D) is on television with his second ad, as he seeks to build momentum in his race against Rep. John Culberson (R) in the 7th district.

The 30-second spot, running mostly on cable with a small supplement of broadcast, focuses on Skelly’s history as a wind- energy executive. Skelly has pledged to spend in the neighborhood of $1 million of his own money to win the solidly conservative, suburban Houston 7th district.

“How do we keep Houston the energy capital of the world? Right now, we’re at the top of the oil game, but the rest of the world is looking for other energy sources,” Skelly says in the ad, while perched on the roof of a downtown Houston skyscraper. “I’m running for Congress because, to keep Houston on top, we have to do a lot more to promote renewable energy.”

Republicans continue to dismiss Skelly’s viability in the majority-Republican 7th district, with the National Republican Congressional Committee charging that the businessman’s fellow Democrats in Congress continue to block GOP efforts to lower gas prices.

“While Michael Skelly’s party in Washington continues to block legislation that would lower the price of gas, Rep. Culberson has been working in Congress to increase America’s oil supplies and put every option on the table to reduce energy prices,” NRCC spokeswoman Julie Shutley said.