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Donohue Lays Out Chamber Agenda

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce joined the parade of interest group briefers Tuesday in Denver, as President Tom Donohue outlined the business group’s priorities in the upcoming election season.

“The long-term issue for us is to maintain a free and open American economy,” Donohue declared to a handful of reporters. “This country’s future depends on the ability to trade and invest capital around the world.”

Infrastructure, energy and global warming were the other issues Donohue mentioned as important to the 3 million businesses represented by the Chamber.

Still, Donohue said he didn’t want the government to focus too strongly on one issue, mentioning global warming in particular.

“We care about solutions that keep people working, technology that works and the ability to solve other problems,” Donohue said.

The Chamber’s “Vote for Business Bandwagon” bus tour is already in Denver, and will be in Minneapolis/St. Paul next week, although the Chamber has yet to endorse a presidential candidate.