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U.S. Attorney: No Real Threat to Obama

U.S. attorney for Colorado Troy Eid told reporters Tuesday that the three Colorado men who allegedly threatened to kill Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) were “meth heads” who appeared to pose no real threat to the Democratic presidential nominee.

“There is insufficient information at this time to indicate a true threat of crime or conspiracy against Sen. Obama,” he said, attributing the threats on Obama’s life as “racist rantings” by drug addicts. “They didn’t reveal a plan. I think what you see in the affidavit is a lot of racist ranting and a lot of hatred for Sen. Obama as an African-American to take a position at that level.”

Tharin Robert Gartrell, Nathan Dwayne Johnson and Shawn Robert Adolf were charged with various offenses, mostly stemming from possession of firearms, methamphetamine and drug-making materials. Adolf was wanted on several outstanding warrants — one for $1 million — and was transferred to Burlington, Colo.

But Eid said federal prosecutors are not currently seeking any federal charges related to the threats against Obama, though he said the investigation is ongoing.