Illinois: Kirk, Seals Post Big Cash Hauls in Quarter

Posted October 6, 2008 at 6:18pm

North Shore Rep. Mark Kirk (R) raised more than $850,000 during this year’s third fundraising quarter, while his opponent, marketing consultant Dan Seals (D), brought in more than $700,000.

Both campaigns released their most recent fundraising totals, covering July 1-Sept. 30, ahead of next week’s deadline.

Kirk’s impressive third-quarter sum puts his overall fundraising for the cycle at more than $4.6 million for his rematch with Seals, whom he defeated by 6 points in 2006.

“The momentum of our campaign is building as thousands of 10th District voters support our centrist message of thoughtful, independent leadership,” Kirk said in a statement. “While some in Washington fear the tough choices a good congressman must make, I am working to pass a bipartisan financial rescue package that stabilizes our economy with taxpayer protections.”

Seals’ third-quarter total puts him at roughly $2.9 million raised for the cycle.

“Over the past three months, we have been overwhelmed by the grass-roots and financial support that Dan has received across the 10th district,” Seals spokesman Patrick Mogge said in a statement. “As Mark Kirk has resorted to desperate and negative advertising to distract voters from his support for more of the same failed Bush-McCain policies of the past eight years, thousands of volunteers and contributors have turned out to support Dan’s positive message of change.”

Kirk was endorsed by the Lake County News-Sun on Saturday.