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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Meaning of Pelosi Hair’ Not Apparent

A politics/pop-culture reference on Monday night’s episode of the guilty-pleasure nighttime soap opera “Gossip Girl— has opened up a heated debate: Are the writers super Washington-savvy or totally out of the loop?

[IMGCAP(1)]The line in question comes from teenage Park Avenue princess Blair Waldorf, who, after sleeping in the back seat of a chauffeured limo, wakes up and is horrified by her appearance. Checking herself out in a compact mirror, she bemoans the sad state of her lank, flat coiffure.

“Nancy Pelosi hair— is how she described it.

Astute political watchers were left scratching their (presumably well-coiffed) heads. We would normally think of “Nancy Pelosi hair— as being impeccably styled, as befits the always perfectly turned out Speaker. Under that reading of the line, the “Gossip Girl— writers would seem very out of the loop.

But, aha, could those very writers be so politically astute they were making a sly reference to that infamous incident during the bailout debate in which Pelosi turned up on the House floor after an all-night negotiating session with a decidedly de-poofed ’do? (Check out Pelosi’s much discussed bed-head look in the video below.)

The debate, like that over which of the male leads is the cutest, rages on.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill begs to differ with Blair Waldorf, but says Pelosi is happy that the “Gossip Girl— demographic is getting their politics fix anyway.

“B. got it all wrong, but the Speaker is always happy if these nods get more young people interested in what Congress is doing to get our country back on track,— he says.

It isn’t the first time that “Gossip Girl— has invoked Capitol Hill denizens — in an episode that aired in October, Blair’s best friend, Serena van der Woodsen, refers to an incident from the girls’ childhood in which Blair tackled Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) daughter at a Yale football game.


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