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Missouri: Brad Pitt’s Brother Passes on 7th District

The Republican primary to replace Rep. Roy Blunt (R) in the conservative 7th district continues to be very fluid, but one intriguing name has recently surfaced in local GOP circles.

Doug Pitt is the owner of ServiceWorld Computer Center and is known for his charitable work in Springfield. He also happens to be the brother of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt.

But Doug Pitt said Wednesday that a Congressional bid isn’t in the cards, at least not this cycle.

“Some friends called and said, What do you think’— of running in 2010, Pitt said. “But it’s nothing I have on the radar right now.—

While Pitt pointed out that he has worked with both Democrats and Republicans in his philanthropic work, he said he would run as a Republican if he ever were to make a Congressional bid.

But 2010 is “not the right time— to go down that road, he said. For now his interests remain in the charitable realm.

Just last month, Drury University in Springfield announced that the Pitt brothers had donated $600,000 to ensure that the school’s new 3,100-seat sports arena would be built to higher environmentally friendly standards.

Pitt’s biggest concerns involve helping children and dealing with the issue of poverty “and I want those guys who are stepping up [to run for Congress] to do something about it,— he said.

Last week, state Sen. Gary Nodler (R), who has twice run for the 7th district seat, threw his hat into the race to replace Blunt, who is seeking the state’s open Senate seat. Other Republican candidates in the race are Greene County prosecuting attorney Darrell Moore, auctioneer Billy Long, state Sen. Jack Goodman and Iraq War veteran Jeff Wisdom. Hal Donaldson, who heads an international nonprofit group, has also expressed interest in the race, and a few other local elected officials are also being mentioned.

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