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Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) staff removed a YouTube video Wednesday amid allegations that the video violated House ethics rules.A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee press release said that the video, posted earlier in the day on the official YouTube channel of Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, constituted a political communication.Earlier this year, the House reached an agreement on YouTube regulations stipulating that Members could not post political material or links to political material on official House Web sites.The video featured new-media technician Matthias Shapiro receiving a “Grassroots Logic Award— from the Republican National Committee. The video shows Chairman Michael Steele speaking in front of the RNC seal, which the press release said “clearly brand[s] it as a political event.—“The use of the committee’s official YouTube channel to distribute political communications is a clear violation of House rules,— according to the press release.Frederick Hill, director of communications for Issa, declined to confirm whether the video violated regulations but said he took the video down when it became clear that it could be seen as controversial.“It is not as uncommon as you might imagine that when there’s content that might raise questions posted on an official Web site, it can be taken down,— Hill said. “We recognized that there was something that needed to come down, so we took it down immediately.—

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