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Heard on the Hill: Foxx’s Lesson for the Clueless

Attention, wide-eyed Capitol Hill interns: If you break the rules in front of Rep. Virginia Foxx, you might just be in for a scolding.

An HOH tipster eyed the North Carolina Republican and some of her staff on Tuesday evening getting out of an elevator in the basement of the Longworth House Office Building. As Foxx exited, two lost-looking female interns entered the “Members Only” car. Foxx spoke up: “Whoa, where do you think you are going?” our spy says Foxx yelled. The interns turned and faced the Congresswoman, who told them: “This elevator is for Members only.”

The interns, heads held low, left the scene. Meanwhile, Foxx continued to rant to her aides. “The things we have to put up with around here,” Foxx remarked.

A Foxx spokesman declined to comment.

Waterston Hearts Lincoln

When actor Sam Waterston comes to D.C., Capitol Hill isn’t the only stop that he makes. The “Law and Order” star told HOH that he traditionally makes a point of visiting the Lincoln Memorial after sunset to recite President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address.

“You do it at night, the building shakes,” Waterston said.

Uh, nerd alert!

But Waterston hasn’t been able to indulge in his geekier side on his recent D.C. trips because he’s been focused on meeting with Members to promote a campaign finance reform bill for Congressional races.

During this trip, the silver-haired star got to break bread in the Members’ Dining Room with Democratic Reps. Chellie Pingree (Maine), Martin Heinrich (N.M.) and Donna Edwards (Md.), and he said his visit reinforced his respect of public officials beyond Lincoln.

“Whatever you may think of your Representatives, they aren’t sleeping,” Waterston said.

Since other “Law and Order” actors have caught the political bug — we’re looking at you, former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) — HOH had to ask Waterston whether he’s ever given any thought to a run for office. “Never!” he said.

Guess we can stop hoping for a Branch/McCoy ticket in 2012.

Almost a Marital Strikeout?

While all sports rivalries run deep, for former Rep. Tom Davis and his wife, Virginia state Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, a baseball disagreement almost paved the way to divorce court.

HOH caught up with the Virginia Republican on Wednesday at the annual American Meat Institute hot dog lunch, where he was chatting with Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.). Talk turned to the Washington Nationals, the team that Davis begrudgingly supports these days. “There’s not much to root for there,” he said. Burn!

Turns out Davis has a bit of bad blood with the Nationals. During his tenure — before the Nats played ball in D.C. — Davis was a vocal supporter of bringing the team to Virginia. But the deal fell through when then-Gov. Mark Warner (D) “couldn’t get the financing together,” Davis recalled.

But Warner wasn’t the only one working against Davis: His wife also opposed the plan.

“We almost got divorced over that,” he joked to HOH.

While none of the Nationals players was on hand for the lunch, three former heavy hitters were: Chicago Cubs pitcher Lee Smith (an Upton fave), New York Yankees great Ron Guidry and Atlanta Braves star Dale Murphy.

Pelosi Daughter Premieres Flick

Alexandra Pelosi might be the daughter of the Speaker, but the documentary filmmaker says she doesn’t have any grand political agenda of her own — at least when it comes to deciding when to screen her latest film.

Pelosi was scheduled to premiere “Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County” at the National Press Club on Wednesday evening. The documentary, set to air Monday on HBO, follows the lives of children of the working poor who reside in discounted motels in Orange County, Calif.

When HOH chatted with Pelosi on Wednesday morning, she said she had fielded questions earlier in the day from reporters asking whether she picked Wednesday to screen the film because Congress was voting on extending unemployment benefits.

Pelosi said, “I didn’t even know today was the day they were talking about it … but it’s great that you think I have that pull.”

She actually booked a room at the press club months ago, she said. And Pelosi noted she invited Illinois Rep. Judy Biggert — a Republican! — to speak about her legislation to help homeless children stay in school.

Pelosi decided to tackle child homelessness because “my 2-year-old started asking me questions like, ‘Why is that lady sleeping on the street?'” Pelosi recalled.

‘Blind Side’ Star Looks for the President

Sure, actor Quinton Aaron chatted up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Monday at the premiere of the film “Salt.” But should Aaron ever meet President Barack Obama, it might just top that Brangelina visit.

“The Blind Side” star joined Randy and Jermaine Jackson on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for the Children Uniting Nations conference. Aaron told HOH he was “nervous and excited” about meeting Members of Congress, adding: “I definitely would want to meet the president. If that’s possible.”

Aaron caught a glimpse of Obama when he attended the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April, although he thought he’d get to see Obama’s digs on that trip.

“I thought the dinner was going to be at the White House, so I was telling everybody, ‘I’m going to the White House! ‘” he said. “I didn’t realize it was at the Hilton.”

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