HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Friday Night Burgers

Posted August 2, 2010 at 10:45am

First lady Michelle Obama took a break from her healthy eating campaign to indulge in some greasy burgers, swinging by Capitol Hill hot spot Good Stuff Eatery on Friday for dinner with daughter Sasha and an unnamed family.

HOH hears the first lady chowed down on a burger, fries and milkshake, and took time to mingle with other customers. We hear that someone in the group ordered a Prez Obama Burger — a beef patty with bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese and horseradish mayonnaise — but it was unclear whether it was a member of the Obama clan.

Meanwhile, crowds gathered outside the restaurant, and when the group left, cheers of “We love you!” could be heard.

Michelle Obama also took a few moments to chat with “Top Chef” alum and Good Stuff owner Spike Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn later tweeted: “it was a pleasure having the first lady and her family at good stuff, thanks for everybody patience outside.”

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